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Gangs - Signs, Symbols & Cliques
Listed Alphabetically - This is not an all inclusive list.  

Most Wanted Gang Members

Gang Names Street
Signs & Symbols
14Th Street          
18Th Street x       x 18;18;18TH/B.D.O.;Diez Y Ocho & Uno Ocho;EST;Xv3 St;XVIII;XVIII;XVIII ST.
28th Street Raskals x         28th Street;Raskals
4th St Locos          
4th Street Locos x         4;4 on neck;4th st;F;Iv
74th St Hoover Crip          
83 Gangster Family          
Albuquerque Active Krew x         AAK
All Below Krew          
All Time Kings x         ATK
American Indian Clique x         AIC
Aryan Brotherhood x x       AB
Atrisco x         ATR/ATRISCO
Bad Boy Krew x         BBK,the letter B
Bad Land Boyz x         BLB,BLZ
Bald Headed Phelons x         BHP;the number 21
Bandidos     x   x 1%;13;BAD;Bandidos
Bandoleros     x     BA
Barelas x         B13,Bbb,BX3,BXIII,Ftw,MOB,Reversed Swastika
Barrio Azteca   x       21,Aztec men or women
Black Berets          
Black P Stone Nation           BPSN;Colors - Black, Red and Green
Black Stone Rangers          
Brown Circuit          
Brown Neighborhood x         BN/BNH
Brown Pride x         BP;BPL;BPL 31;BPL 31 CALIFAS
Burque Boys   x       Burque;Burqueno tattoo
Burque Zoo Krew           BZK
Chicano`S With Attitudes x         CWA
China Town Locos          
Choo Choo Funk          
Cold Blooded Mob x         COB
Compton Crip          
Corrupt Twisted Kings x         CTK
Crazy Krylon Dreams x         CKD
Crip Deville          
Crips x       x CRIPS/CUZ
D. S. Tagger          
Devious           Mexican bird head
DOC Mob x         DOC
Duke City Art x         DCA
Duke City Wrecking Crew x         Brass knuckles, bat;D.C.W.C;DCWC on a banner;straight razor
Duranes x         DURANES/DX13;VDL;BDL
East Central Gang x         ECG
East Oak Park Crips x         EOP
East Side Piru x         ESP
Eastside Locos x         ESL;ESVL
Eastside San Jose x         CRAZY LIFE 16;ESJ;ESSJ;VSJ;VSJ16;VSJX6;VSJXVI
Echo Park x         Echo Parque;Exp;VEP/EP
El Watche x         EL WACHE/WATCHE;EL WASHE;Ew And Ewl
Five Duce Crip          
Five Points x         CINCO PUNTOS;FP13;FXP/CXP/VCP
Florencia 13 x         F13
Florencio 13 x         FLORENCIO;FX13/FLO13
Four Soldier Crew x         FSC
Gangster Disciples          
Gone Crazy Squad x         GCS
Grape Street (Compton) x         GSC
Happy Homes x         HH/HHG/VHHG
Hawaiian Gardens x         HG
Hells Angels     x     81;Skull;Wings
Hoover Street Crips x         CUZ;HOOVER CRIPS;HSC
Insane Clown Posse x         Hatchet Man;ICP;WC17;Wicked Clowns
JMV SE x         Mexican Flag
Juaritos Maravilla x         568 Hat;JMV;JMV Plaque;Juaritos;juaritos hat
Kash Money x         KM
Kelly Park Crip x         KP
Killer Park x         KP
Kinny Brick Locos x         KBL
Kirktown Piru 92 Brims           92,KTP,Red Phillies Cap
La Primera Mafia x         LPM
Laos Boys x         LB
Latin Kings       x   GRAFFITI;LATIN KINGS
Lennox 13 x         L13
Lime Street Hood          
Loked Out Hood x         LOH
Loko Krew x         LK
Lomas 13          
Looney Toons x         LT
Los Carnales x         Lc;Los Carnales;Zia With Lc In The Middle
Los Carnales Locos x         Carnales And A Picture Of A Scorpion;Lcl, Lc
Los Hermanos x         LH/VLH
Los Home Boys x         LHB
Los Malos x         LM
Los Padillas x         BLPG, The Boyz;Los Pa;LP/VLP;New Mexico Zia Symbol With Los Padillas;Padillas
Mara Salvatrucha          
Martineztown x         BMT;MT/VMT/EME
Memphis Mob x         Red
Menace To Society x         M2SK
Mestizos x   x     Skull with hawk on head
Mexican Clique Trece x         MC3c;MC;Baby Blue rags;Mexican Flag
Mexican Mafia   x       Black hand with the letter M;EME;MM
Mexicans Losing Control x        
Miscellaneous x        
Miscellaneous Tagger          
Mixed Breed Crew x         MBC
Modern Outlaw     x     Zia/eagle/flag
Mojos           Mojos
Moras Park x         BMP
Neighbor Hood Crips           NHC
Nortenos x         Personalized N caps;The color red
North Valley Locos x         NVL
Northside Crip Dawgs          
Northside Heights Clan Syndicate          
Northside Locos x         Ns;Nsl;Nsl14
Norwalk x         VNM
Nuestra Familia   x       NF
Nutty Block Crips x         NBC
Old Town x         OT/BOT
Pacoma Flats x         PF
Pajarito           VP,VPL
Puro Chicano Pride x         P.C.P.;PCHP
Putting Heads Out x         PHO
Queens Bridge          
Revolutionary But Gangsta x         FTP Feed the People;FTP Fight the Power;FTP Free the People;FTP F*** the Police
Rollerz Only x         R/O;Rollers Only;Rollers Only The World Is Ours;Rollerz;The World Is Ours
Rolling 20`S x         R 20`S
Rolling 30`S x         R 30`S;R4
Rolling 40`S x         R 40`S
Rolling 60`S x         R 60`S
San Jose x         San Jo Familia;VSJ
Skins x         SKINS
Soldados Mc x   x     Soldados MC
South Central Mafia x         SCM
South Side Royal Knights          
South Valley Locos x         SVL
South Valley Pajarito x         S V P
Southside Locos x         BSSG;SOUTHSIDE;SS;SS 86Th St;SSL;Sur 13;SurX3;VSSL
Southside Penguins x         &&;PGS
Southside San Jose x         SJ13;SJX3;SJXIII;SSJ;SSSJ;VSJ
Southwest Locos x         SWL OR VSWL
Straight Up N**ger x         SUN
Sur Valle          
Sureno 13 x         HN;Southside;SUR13;Sureno 13
Surenos 13 x         SUR 13;SUR XIII;SUR13;SURENO 13
Sycho Pathic Locos x         PPL;SPL
Syndicate De Nuevo Mexico   x       Snm;SNM;Zia Symbol With S In The Middle
Texas Syndicate   x      
The Hemp Crew x         Tagger,THC
Thirteenth Street x        
Thugs Causing Kaos x         Cell Phone screen saver;KC (Kansas City Baseball Hat);KC (Kansas City Hat worn by LOUD);RIP Crime Tattoo;T C;T C Hat;TCK
Too Sick Krew x        
Top Secret Productions x         TSP,Tagger
Tortilla Flats x         CV13;CVTF
Toy Krushin Styles x         Tagger,TKS
Uptown Kings x         Crown;Crown on Hand;UTK;UTK;UTK Crown
Valley Gardens x         Vg, ToP NoTcH G,VGL
Varrio Grande Vista x         VGV
Vice Lord x         360 Degree Circle,All Is Well,Cane,Crescent,Five Pointed Star,Martinin Glass,Pyramid,Top Hat,TVL,Upside Down Pitchforks,VL,White Glove
Vietnamese Together x        
Vista Del Rio x        
Watts Colonial Wiggins x         WCW,Blood
Wells Park x         WELLS,WP/VWP
West Central Kings x         Tagger,WC,WCK
West Central Locos x         Tagger,WCL
West Side Crips x         WSC,Crip
West Side Players x         Tagger,WSC,WSP
Westgate Crip Dawgs x         WSC,Crip
Westgate Locos x         WESTGATE,WG
Westside Locos x         Ws,WSL,wsl3
Westside Piru x        
Westside Players Association x         WPA
Westside So Crew x         WSC
Westside Stoners Only Crew x         W S O,W S O,Wso,WSOC,Crew
Westside Thugz x        
White Fence x        
Wilmas x        
Xtreme Mother Fxxkers           XMF,Tagbanger
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