What is being done - The Current Effort 

Gang-related crimes typically fall within the jurisdiction of state and local law enforcement.  In response to the growth in gang membership nationally, several Spokane based federal, state, and local agencies have joined forces and created the Spokane Regional Safe Streets Task Force.  Read more>>


The Objective of the Multi-Agency Gang Task Force 

To Disrupt and Dismantle

the most significant criminal

gangs and enterprises in

Spokane and the surrounding area.

Gangs and Organized Crime

The act of engaging in criminal activity as a structured group is referred to in the United States as racketeering. Once a gang shifts from turf wars and organizes illegal activities with a money focus they have crossed the line and can be classified as an Organized Criminal Enterprise.

60% of gang members will be dead or in prison by age 20.
Source: Los Angeles Police Dept.

It's time to learn about gangs
and how to recognize them

Most people don't want to admit that gangs and violence exist in our home towns and sometime in our own families.  If we don't educate ourselves you on what's going on we can't help our sons, daughters and friends. Talking about the problem is the first step to fixing it.  If not, we know one group that will listen to your children - gang members.



The Gang Threat 

Gangs are morphing, multiplying, migrating and entrenching themselves in our inner cities, suburbs and rural communities.   They are selling drugs to our kids, shooting up our neighborhoods, invading our homes, robbing our banks and stores, stealing our identities, our money, and instilling fear and violence everywhere they go. Read more>>


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